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May 22

Written by: Michael Washington
5/22/2012 8:22 PM  RssIcon


Today I had a email conversation with Delordson Kallon and he mentioned that between the Themes and Shells (in both versions of Visual Studio LightSwitch) he has 140 different LightSwitch products! This easily makes him the largest LightSwitch vender, no one else comes close.

His latest Theme Collection includes the JetFlow, JetStream, JetStreamBright, JetPack, Designer, Business, Enterprise, Expression and Shiny Theme sets all with 6 themes each. The collection includes some new sets, that I think includes some of his best designs yet.

Here are some of my favorites…

JetFlow Themes


The JetFlow themes resemble my favorite JetPack Theme series, but they add a stylistic swoop in the menu. There is no other Theme that I have seen that implements a complex background pattern in the menu bar. This Theme makes your LightSwitch application announce that it is hip yet professional.

JetStream Bright


The JetStream Bright series has the stylistic swoop on the bottom. This gives your LightSwitch application a very professional look and feel. The screen in the image above takes only 15 seconds to create, yet the Theme makes it look like you spent all week on it. A good Theme makes a big difference.



Sometimes you need a conservative all business Theme. The Enterprise series has what you are looking for. This series strips away all but the slightest hint of segmentation and grouping, to allow you to pack as much data as possible on the screen.

This Theme makes a great starter Theme for your own custom Themes (see the source code offer below).

Get The Source Code

Making Themes is hard. Take a look at my article that shows you how to get started (Creating A LightSwitch Theme Extension using Expression Blend). After an hour you will find you are barely getting started. There is a large number of things you have to do to make a Theme. It is a lot easier when you can start your LightSwitch Theme using a professional Theme.

DELORDSON is offering the source code to all his Themes. You can buy the source at this link:

Get The Themes

You can order all 54 of the DELORDSON Themes at this link:

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