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By Michael Washington on 11/23/2013 5:18 PM


Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client screen templates is surprisingly easy. It is hard to think of any other tool that allows an end user developer to create a HTML SPA application where they only have to define their data model and are able to implement custom JavaScript components and not have to write any JavaScript themselves, yet have the option to alter the JavaScript that is written…

By Michael Washington on 11/20/2013 4:44 AM


The LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit for Visual Studio 2013 allows you to create reusable HTML client screen templates… 

By Michael Washington on 11/1/2013 6:23 PM


Creating a LightSwitch website and setting security is easy. However, you must set up all your users manually. In some cases you want to allow users to self-register.

This topic has been covered in the article: Allowing Users To Self Register In Your LightSwitch Website. However, that article uses Web Forms (this article uses MVC) and does not allow users to change their passwords. Also, this article provides a landing page for the root of your LightSwitch application…

By Michael Washington on 11/1/2013 3:20 PM


You can use ASP.NET MVC with Visual Studio LightSwitch

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