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Nov 8

Written by: kchristo
Tuesday, November 8, 2011  RssIcon

If you have installed CLASS Extensions you know that there are two different controls that are used to handle Color business type. The ColorPicker and the ColorViewer. If you have read the previous post of the series you know that behind the scenes, each one of these controls is a wrapper for 2 other controls. The ColorPicker is for editing whereas ColorViewer is used for viewing only. The reason of exposing 2 different controls was that I didn’t manage to correctly retrieve the information about the content being read-only and changing dynamically the behavior of the controls.

If you browse the code you will see in _Load and other places (be kind, I was desperate) the attempt to bind to IsReadOnly property of the DataContext.

What I wanted to achieve was to support the “Use read-only controls” functionality. As I wrote in the previous post I was very close. I found out after publishing that the IsReadOnly property was set ONLY when the field or the whole dataset was read-only, like a calculated field or a view-dataset (containing data from more than one source or directly mapped to a DB view). What I was looking for was a property I found out digging exhaustively down the Quick-Watch window, called …(drum-roll) BrowseOnly. After discovering it and search back against the documentation, still didn’t manage to locate any reference to this property.

Anyway all well that ends well. Took me some time but as I mentioned in a previous post of the series, I was prepared, given that documentation is far from being complete and definitely there is nothing like a complete Reference Guide, or maybe I am not good at reading it :-).

So, IsBrowseOnly binding, along with designer initial settings issues solved, and 3 new business types (Rating, AudioUri and VideoUri) will be included to the next version of CLASS extensions. Code will, most probably, not be published this time. So keep an eye open and stay tuned…Winking smile


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