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Jul 11

Written by: Michael Washington
7/11/2015 4:12 AM  RssIcon


You can create a static header for your LightSwitch HTML Client application.

This tip is provided by Dave Baker of Xpert360.


First, create a LightSwitch HTML application.


Next, grab an image.


Copy and paste the image into the HTMLClient/Images folder.


Open the default.htm page and delete the code indicated above.

In the default.htm page, add the following code in the same place:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
            var strImage = "<div style='width:100%;position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px;";
            strImage = strImage + "z-index:1009 !important;color:#ffffff;background-color:#ffffff;'>.";
            strImage = strImage + "<div id='static-header' style='width:100%;margin-left:25px;";
            strImage = strImage + "background-image: url(Content/Images/myLogo.png); background-repeat: no-repeat;";
            strImage = strImage + "font-size: 58pt; text-align: center; color: #ffffff;'>.</div></div>";
            // Add a static header after SPA scaffolding
            .then(null, function failure(error) {



Open the user-customization.css file and add the following code:

.ui-page-active, .msls-background-page {
    padding-top: 90px;


Your static header will now appear.


Special Thanks

This tip is provided by Dave Baker of Xpert360.

His site is at and his blog is at



How to add a static banner to the Lightswitch HTML Homescreen?


Download Code

The LightSwitch project is available at

(you must have Visual Studio 2013 (or higher) installed to run the code)

9 comment(s) so far...

Great stuff. I would like to know why does microsoft planning to turn off lightswitch support?

By smota on   7/14/2015 2:15 PM

@smota - They are not turning off support. They just don't plan any major enhancements.

By Michael Washington on   7/14/2015 2:15 PM


Thanks for the nice article. You made my life so easy. One quick question... If I use the approach, I am facing a small CSS issue. I.e., when there is an Edit popup, the background home screen is becoming shaded/blurred but not the image area which we just place. Pl. help me here.

By Sharath Konda on   6/10/2016 4:23 AM

@Sharath Konda - Sorry I'm not a CSS expert :(

By Michael Washington on   6/10/2016 4:23 AM

Appreciate your prompt response and honest answer. I will explore and share the answer if I find it. Thanks again.

By Sharath Konda on   6/10/2016 5:36 AM


I have taken the below approach to display the customized header,

Thanks for being proactive again,
Sharath Konda

By Sharath Konda on   6/13/2016 7:05 AM


Using the above approach, I am able to show the custom header only on landing page. When there is a details page opened using, 'viewSelected' view, the custom header is disappearing. Pl. help me here.

By Sharath Konda on   6/15/2016 4:09 AM

@Sharath Konda - All I have is what I offer here.

By Michael Washington on   6/15/2016 4:10 AM

This article is very much helpful and i hope this will be an useful information for the needed one. Keep on updating these kinds of informative things.

By johnstany on   5/23/2017 4:13 AM
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