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Mar 17

Written by: kchristo
Saturday, March 17, 2012  RssIcon

After a long time of preparation, my company Computer Life and me we are ready to publish the next –commercial- version of CLASS Extensions.

In this SkyDrive location you can find 2 videos briefly presenting capabilities of this new version. In less than a week a page will be started, where you would be able to buy the package you prefer. There will be 2 packages: no source code and with code and code documentation. Pricing will be announced along with the official release.

CLASS Extensions Demo Part I.swf


CLASS Extensions Demo Part II.swf


In these videos you will find a brief demonstration of the following controls and/or business types:

  • Color Business Type and Control. This was available also in the first free version. It has been improved to automatically detect grid or detail and read-only or not.
  • BooleanCheckbox and BooleanViewer controls. These were also available in the first version. No change to this one.
  • Rating Business Type and Control. A new business type to support ratings. You can set maximum rating, star size, show/hide starts and/or labels, allow/disallow half stars.
  • Image Uri Business Type and Control. A new business type to support displaying images from a URI location instead of binary data.
  • Audio Uri Business Type and Control. A new business type to support playing audio files from a URI location.
  • Video Uri Business Type and Control. A new business type to support playing video files from a URI location.
  • Drawing Business Type and Control.  A new business type that allows the user to create drawings using an image URI (not binary) as background. The drawing can be saved either as a property of an entity (the underlying type is string) or in the IsolatedStorage of the application. Also, every time the drawing is saved a PNG snapshot of the drawing is available and can be used any way you want, with 2 (two) lines of additional code. The drawings, both local or data service provided, can be retrieved any time and modified and saved back again.
  • FileServer Datasource Extension. A very important RIA Service datasource provided to smoothly integrate all the URI-based features. This Datasources exports two EntityTypes: ServerFile and ServerFileType. Also provides methods to retrieve ServerFile entities representing the content files (Image, Audio, Video, Document, In the current version these are the ServerFileTypes supported) stored at your application server. Also you can delete ServerFile entities. Upload (insert/update) is not implemented in this version as depending on Whether your application is running out of browser or not it has to be done a different way.

Last but not least. There is a list of people whose code and ideas helped me a lot in the implementation of this version. Upon official release they will be properly mentioned as community is priceless.


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