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What is the reason lightswich adds and removed the S character pulled from a database. Is there a way to turn it off
by twic in LightSwitch Beginners
0 739
07 May 2013 01:28 AM
Issues with Jetpack Themes HELP!!!!!
by Andy Drury in DELORDSON (LightSwitch Extras)
0 1499
26 Apr 2013 02:37 AM
Filtering a field using first letter
by DAL in LightSwitch Beginners
0 885
24 Apr 2013 09:38 AM
SQL Server 2012 R2 Express & Lightswitch
by in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1964
23 Apr 2013 01:55 PM
Create new record - Dynamic data
by Kevino in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1252
22 Apr 2013 01:15 AM
How to Deploy Light Switch application to Windows Mobile?
by Ragavan in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1000
16 Apr 2013 11:55 PM
What is the default Username and Password for LightSwitch HTML client login
by Ragavan in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1818
16 Apr 2013 11:45 PM
HTLM Camera/Signature Control?????
by Jim W in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1386
13 Apr 2013 06:52 PM
Errors with Forms Authentication in HTML client
by Larry in LightSwitch Beginners
0 2000
11 Apr 2013 09:02 PM
Extension business type
by Humberto Reis in LightSwitch Beginners
0 606
09 Apr 2013 05:51 PM
How to loop through all tables
by magmuggy in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1237
05 Apr 2013 10:55 AM
LS not refresh related data after add new tables
by francisco in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1454
05 Apr 2013 10:45 AM
Dynamic Run time Choice List
by Ragavan in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1891
04 Apr 2013 10:46 PM
"Format Pattern" not working?
by Corrado in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1820
01 Apr 2013 06:58 AM
Geocoding with Lightswitch
by zack142 in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1053
28 Mar 2013 10:12 PM
Set Default Values on Fields within a Screen
by Michael in LightSwitch Beginners
0 2133
27 Mar 2013 08:56 AM
Lightswitch HTML Navigate from variables on the URL bar
by Pedro in LightSwitch Beginners
0 2458
22 Mar 2013 04:41 AM
Enity Set convert to generic funtion
by jbaillie in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1056
19 Mar 2013 09:10 AM
uploading Error need help with bug
by jbaillie in LightSwitch Beginners
0 794
17 Mar 2013 09:02 AM
Getting Original Entity Values in LS HTML New...
by Jack Stephenson in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1351
15 Mar 2013 11:17 AM
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Standalone on a server I've installed this numerous times. Very simple Windows 7 Pro with VS2013(no domain), and I just have no idea why things won't work. I installed the setup package that contained the tools (Management Studio) I created a new instance LOCALSQLTEST (I have no idea if this is right, I didn;t want to mess up anything in Lightswitch i've done and don't know how/where Intrisic is stored) Added admin password Complete setup. Enable Name pipes, and tried to start Server agent (to become discoverable?) but doesn't start. Studio Management shows nothing to connect to. VS2013 has installed so many SQL products on my system, I have no idea what does what. What I would give for a proper tutorial. Anybody have a simple checklist, work through? I'm just trying to test deploy this dang thing in Web

Hi there! I publish my LS Application (Client Type: Web, Web Service Only). I set the wizard to create a package on disk. I don't create an autentication file for it. I deploy the LS Application to IIS 8.5..... (Windows 8.1) When I try to open the application from the IE Browser ( http://localhost/FlexGrid_ScrollBar ) I got the following: I can run others application hosted in IIS, but my LS Application, I can't. What is going on? Many thanks for any kind of help. Best regards, Ciro Ciro

I've just installed Visual Studio 2013 Community edition but can't find the option to create a LightSwitch project. Do I need to download an extra component?

I have what seems like a simple task that is causing me great frustration. I've been working on just this for two days, scouring the forums for anything related to the issue. I get the Unsaved Changes popup and I cannot figure out why. I am building an app that handles quotes. It has your basic Quote entity, with fields like LaborRate, HoursLabor, PartsDeposit (which is calculated from a related Parts table), and a Total. I have a series of change listeners added to recalculate the PartsDeposit if any parts are added by watching their count. There are three other change listeners that watch for changes in the PartsDeposit, LaborRate, HoursLabor fields. The following is in my screen's created method: // Add change listeners for totals var quote = screen.Quote; var parts = screen.UsedParts; quote.addChangeListener("LaborRate", function () { UpdateTotal(screen) }); quote.addChangeListener("HoursLabor", function () { UpdateTotal(screen) });

Hi all, On a fresh PC install, I installed VS2013 and created a single 1 table, One screen lightswitch html app. Triyng to make a deploy package fails with the error : provider 'LightSwitchApplication' not found .... visit : Searching results with solutions for VS2012 only (uncheck box for prerequisites while deploying) 3 days on that issue !! Any help will be apreciated Thank's, Frederic 

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