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Sorting by relation
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RE: Creating A WCF RIA Se...
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26 Jul 2013 05:05 AM
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RE: A LightSwitch HTML cl...
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Deploying Lightswitch app...
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DELORDSON (LightSwitch Extras) DELORDSON (LightSwitch Extras)
Forum for product feedback and issues
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Issues with Jetpack Theme...
26 Apr 2013 02:37 AM
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Latest Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Forum Threads That Have Answers

Hi LightSwitch Team, while changes into a table and underlying Query (into the Designer) of the LightSwitch Application occur something wrong and Visual Studio 2013 (Premium with Update 4) crashed. After that I can not build the LightSwitch Project. The errors are: Error 2 Could not load the application definition. Root element of file is not a 'ModelFragment' or a module.  0 1  Error 1 Root element is missing. <ProjectPath>\Server\DataSources\ApplicationData\Query1.lsml 0 1  The all solution can not build (the Build Task must be killed by using Task Manager) anymore. I've tried everything: 1. Tried to remove the last added Query1 (see above) 2. Undo Pending Changes 3. Get Latest Version with overriding all files Nothing worked! I discovered, that the ApplicationDefinition.lsml does not exist anymore. Who deleted it and where it is now (I searched the all hard drive, it is

When querying data with ServerApplicationContext, the examples I have seen do something like this: var query = ctx.DataWorkspace.DataSource.Table.GetQuery().Execute(); My problem is that this returns ALL of the entities as IEnumerable.  Is it possible to change this to IQueryable<T> or at least apply a Where clause before executing the query?

I'm using an existing sql server database.  When I publish the application the schema is updated with the aspnet tables,  views and stored procedures but the tables are not populated.  Is there a work around to populate the tables so the Windows Authentication will work? 

I've just discovered a strange problem and I'm looking for ideas on how to identify the root cause and of course fix it. When I click on a button in the HTMLclient to add a new "Job" record the screen opens fine. As soon as I click the + button to add a child record the browser gives me a spinning wheel which never comes back. The table this links to has 4 computed properties in it and I've added the C# code snippets and JS blocks (in their respective places) and had this working. Observations: [1] Editing an existing record works fine; [2] Adding data through any other screen works as expected; [3] I published the application to Azure and the problem is repeatable there on both my Desktop Chrome test and on my Android KitKat Chrome client; I deleted all my custom code blocks associated with this screen/Table (C# / JavaScript) in case I had something stuck in a loop. I created a new Add/Edit screen to test and added a new button off the details screen. I made no

This is one of those questions where I think I've seen it demonstrated in various articles, possibly with other MSFT technologies, but am not sure how to actually do it myself.  Is it possible to set breakpoints in my Entity or other C# code and hit them when running a LS 2013 HTML app in Azure?

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