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The LightSwitch HTML Client:

Online Ordering System (An End-To-End LightSwitch Example) Provides an overview of LightSwitch. Guides you through creating a full LightSwitch HTML application in 15-30 minutes.
How Does A LightSwitch HTML Client Application Work? After using the Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client, you may wonder, how does it work?
Top 10 things to know about the LightSwitch HTML Client These are the important things you eventually want to learn.

LightSwitch HTML Client (Core API):

Writing JavaScript / The Binding Pattern

Using Promises In Visual Studio LightSwitch

LightSwitch HTML Client (JavaScript):

Visual Studio LightSwitch Screen Navigation and Advanced JavaScript Examples

Walk-thru Examples of Common Visual Studio LightSwitch JavaScript

LightSwitch HTML Client For The Desktop Web Browser Understanding The LightSwitch HTML Client Visual Collection
HUY Volume II - Visual Studio LightSwitch Advanced JavaScript Examples HUY Volume III– Popups, Dirty Visual Collections, and Using Prototypes To Calculate Child Collections 

LightSwitch HTML Client (Data):

Dynamically Creating Records In The LightSwitch HTML Client

Deleting Data In The Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client

Automatic Save (And Refresh)  

LightSwitch HTML Client (Functionality):

Retrieving The Current User In The LightSwitch HTML Client

Computed Properties With the LightSwitch HTML Client

Programmatically Constraining a List In a Popup 

Server Side Search using the LightSwitch HTML Client
Full Control LightSwitch (ServerApplicationContext And Generic File Handlers And Ajax Calls)

Cloud Business Apps (SharePoint 2013):

Deploy A LightSwitch Application To Office 365 / SharePoint Online Creating A SharePoint Online Testing Site
Exploring SharePoint 2013 Visual Studio Cloud Business Apps (LightSwitch) Creating A LightSwitch SharePoint 2013 Multi-Tenant Provider-Hosted Application
Implementing Documents in a SharePoint 2013 Cloud Business App (LightSwitch) Embedding Your LightSwitch Cloud Business App Inside SharePoint As a App Part
An End-to-End AngularJS SharePoint Module using LightSwitch OData as a Back-End An End-To-End LightSwitch SharePoint Workflow Application
Advanced SharePoint Workflows Using HTTP Calls To LightSwitch   Creating SharePoint Word Documents with AngularJS using LightSwitch

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