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Latest Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Forum Threads That Have Answers

Hi, Currently when I try to add subscription, one of the field is billing address field which is a detail picker. However, it is showing the all addresses from every customer, I wanted to filter so that it will only show the address for current customer only. How can I achieve that? Thanks

I am specially interested in the load time and performance aspects. Is there any difference in the time it takes to do batch updates ( e.g. insert 50 records )?

Hello, I was wondering if there was some sort of limitation for cross-site queries in SharePoint (when using LightSwitch or in general). Namely, I have a developer site * and I have a list Users in it. It is straightforward to create a LightSwitch application for testing on developer site and define Data Source for the same site and for the list Users. I also have a sub-site in developer site * with the same (structure) list UsersTemp. Now, if I try to create a data source for this 'temp' sub-site and specify UsersTemp list, generated browse screen shows a generic error: 'The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for more details'. 1. Is it possible to query SharePoint sub-site's list using LightSwitch? (BTW, I am facing the same issues with querying super-site's list, so the problem is probably cross-site related) 2. Where are server logs located? Are those IIS express

I have been looking over forums and documentation, but I still can't seem to get it to work. I have a entity called "Party." It has multiple 1 to 0..1 relationships, such as "Carrier", "Producer", "Brokerage", "Insured", "Beneficiary". The reason why is that a "Party" can be multiple things. I can be a producer, an insured, and a beneficiary all at once. Or I can just be an insured. The Party table grabs general information on a party and each of the 0..1 relationships further define that party.  Anyways... I want to be able to create a party, and then create any child records associated with it. Maybe just a carrier. Maybe a insured and a beneficiary. I get the use of a button to create the dependent record. But for some reason, it is just not working. partialvoidAddCarrier_Execute() { this.PartyProperty.Carrier = new Read more...

I had the need for printable reports so I created Custom Silverlight Controls for these printable reports.  I then inserted them into a new screen.  Following the examples as shown here:

and here:

I have all this working perfectly.  I



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