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I don't know how I didn't notice this before, but it appears that you can't use a lightswitch modeled query inside a RIA Service. For example, if you have a lightswitch EntitySet Orders and you use the designer to model a query OrdersByCustomer, you don't have access to that query inside the RIA Service ObjectContext. Of course you can access Orders and make the same query on the RIA Service but you can't use the same query already modeled in LS, (i.e. you can get Context.Orders, but you can't get Context.OrdersByCustomer(id)). Is that the case or am I doing something wrong?

Hi All, New to lightswitch and love all the help the community provides in lieu of in depth MS documentation. I have been struggling with refreshing a parent screen after a save and am finally breaking down to ask the community for help after reading many articles related to this. I add button to execute opening the screen. I have the beforeShown & afterClosed events working, but when the screen opens some contentItems are populated while others have IsEnabled as false. This leads me to think it's a parameter issue. I am not sure what to pass for a new record. myapp.showAddEditTIME(parm1, parm2 {embedded function}) parm1 and parm2 escape me. Please help! Thanks in advance myapp.ViewTASK.AddTIME_Tap_execute = function (screen) { // Write code here. alert("fired"); myapp.showAddEditTIME(screen, { //I think this line is the problem. I have tried adding ', null' after screen as well. beforeShown: function (editScreen) {

Library Application
11/22/2015 7:40 PM
Hi Guys, I am trying to create an library application for keeping records of books and members. I have created three different tables: Members - which holds the member's information Books - which holds the book's information Transaction - which holds the transaction's information. I have created relationships between all three tables. I am having problem with my add transaction screen where i want to display four fields : Member Number, Member Nam, Issue Date and Return Date of the book. What i basically want is when I click on the add button in add transaction screen and when I enter the first field which is member number, it should automatically grab the member name from the database.  I can show the screenshots if required. Can someone please help me with this. Thank you 

Hi, I just noticed that in the Lightswitch HTML client, if I start entering data in an add/edit form but click the back button (or navigate away in some other way) before saving the chances, the changes are discarded without any warning. Is there any way to set up a warning in case the user accidentally navigates away from the page? Most browsers have multiple keyboard and mouse shortcuts set up for the back button, so it's not that unusual to navigate back accidentally. I'm concerned this could be an issue with my app, especially since some of my forms have a lot of fields across multiple tabs. Thanks, Matt

Hi All- A few days ago I set up a windows 7 box to host lightswitch html apps. I followed these instructions, more or less: I tried the same thing today and all the lightswitch options are suddenly missing! Any ideas? Thanks- Michael

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