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Latest Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Forum Threads That Have Answers

I have yet to get Lightswitch 2015 to work in Visual Studio 2015, either community or enterprise. I continue to get an error that the lsxtproj type is not supported when I try to create a new project??  Any suggestions?? mike mike d

I am in a SQL queries class and I am thinking about how all of the parts of LightSwitch work. I like that we are doing all of these queries in code using SQL Management Studion and setting up exports to excel so I see how to manually edit them. I was wondering how to add them to a client solution manually. We Use queries in LightSwitch to create screens and filters and have buttons that export to excel. As well I use as excels ability to use Power Pivot to directly load data from a database based on what the pivot table does. Can view the queries in code if I dig into the text files built using the Visual Studio IDE and the GUI provided by LightSwitch. I need to learn how to manually place these lines of code within classes in a project solution so I can start work on making the same queries embedded in WPF. LightSwitch embeds them in solution parts for Silverlight I assume. I guess I just want to learn the basics of how to embed SQL statements and

I have some code that runs under _Inserting on the Jobs table on the server. I also have a System table with a single record and a property of the LastCode (Last JobCode used in a record). DataWorkspace dw = this.Application.CreateDataWorkspace(); Job result = (from j in dw.Data.Jobs.OrderByDescending(Job => Job.JobCode) select j).FirstOrDefault(); System system = dw.Data.System.FirstOrDefault(); Int32 LastCode = int.Parse(result.JobCode); Int32 NewLastCode = LastCode + 1; system.LastCode = NewLastCode.ToString(); dw.Data.SaveChanges(); Which was created out of this post. If I place it in the _Inserted table it fails locally and when published, however running from _Inserting in debug mode locally on the machine works perfectly fine. When I publish this to Azure (V11 DB currently) everything else seems to work however when I try and add a Job I get "Object reference not set to

Hello, Is backing up the entire project directory all that is necessary to fully restore a Lightswitch HTML project? I presume that as long as you have the entire project backed up, you can open the project with LS and just publish it again to build everything that goes into C:\inetpub\ ? If there is anything tricky or 'gotcha' about this scenario, please let me know! Thank you!! For instance: any other files that should be grabbed, if services should be stopped before file copies are attempted, etc. I already found a script to clean up the LS directories before backing things up. Thank you!

Hello everyone I have a problem and need help. One of my main projects in LS is published as an application Out Of Browser on an Azure Web Sites. After the last publish that occurred in this week, despite having done publish the "Desktop" mode, new application installations occur in Web mode (in the case of this application triggers an exception, because the use of features that are only available in mode OOB). I noticed that Microsoft has updated the Silverlight Client a few days, and I'm suspecting that this problem has something to do with it. The problem does not occur when the application is already installed on the PC, only if a new installation occurs. Does anyone know what could have happened? Victor Perez

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