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HTMLClient get authenticated user name
by syadnom in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1202
26 Jun 2013 03:02 PM
htmlclient how to clear a local property? aka reload button
by syadnom in LightSwitch Beginners
0 938
26 Jun 2013 02:07 PM
Call SQL Server Agent to run Job
by Lee in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1031
20 Jun 2013 07:47 AM
Accessing Server-level Name Spaces via WCF RIA Services
by DedoOne in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1101
15 Jun 2013 03:00 AM
Question: how to remove new entities from autocomplete with query
by Johan in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1752
13 Jun 2013 02:57 AM
Relocating the default seach box
by DAL in LightSwitch Beginners
0 638
12 Jun 2013 08:36 AM
How to pass a parameter in lightswitch (Add screen)
by NESTicle in LightSwitch Beginners
0 2026
11 Jun 2013 02:30 PM
Display related properties from many-to-many relationship
by in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1078
11 Jun 2013 12:11 PM
Computed Field - Select Min Value from other table
by Floh in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1274
11 Jun 2013 04:32 AM
Close and Save All Screens
by CoastalData in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1134
10 Jun 2013 09:53 AM
How I can run an HTMLClient app without internet
by AAK in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1909
03 Jun 2013 02:10 AM
Dynamic Visibility? HTML Client
by Pat Tormey in LightSwitch Hackers
0 2022
25 May 2013 08:45 AM
How to manually trigger search function
by Allan Tolentino in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1042
24 May 2013 06:29 AM
Accessing Remote WCF RIA Service from the LightSwitch application
by Techmonster13 in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1305
23 May 2013 10:22 PM
Lightswitch 2012 Html Client custom control textbox delete button
by Pinky in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1857
23 May 2013 02:41 AM
by sharadrathore in LightSwitch Beginners
0 708
22 May 2013 03:24 AM
Hark attatch tool : get denote information from sqlserver and trans to display name in LS
by haoyujie in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1159
15 May 2013 02:01 AM
How Do I Use The Attendance Control
by wdarnellg in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1288
12 May 2013 09:10 AM
Modal Window Picker
by Andy Drury in LightSwitch Beginners
0 1745
10 May 2013 01:19 AM
HTML Client - on new add screen created
by sid in LightSwitch Hackers
0 1686
09 May 2013 05:56 PM
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Latest Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Forum Threads That Have Answers

Can I split Security Administration Permissions? I want to allow people to assign permissions to roles but not have access to delete users or change other users passwords. So can I write permissions for the roles and users screens separately? Ideally in the long run I would like there to be a way for Only one person ie me(or one Admin) to be able to delete users and a way for uses to register themselves without nessisarily having access to the permission to assign themselves Roles. Is any of this possible? Is there a way to maybe write my own security screens to overide Lightswitches build?

We're writing a 'case management' system that revolves around an event in the workplace-- slip and fall, burned your lip on hot coffee in the kitchen, etc. Related to a 'case' are people-- witnesses, investigators, etc.  As you might imagine in the database structure the 'case' is the head of the octopus, with witness and investigator tables linked to it in a 1-to-many fashion. Right now we're trying to craft a screen whereby we pass in a a 'Person' as a screen parameter-- and I don't mean the built-in 'Person' type from LS, but an entity of our own making.  We would like to see on the screen all cases involving that person, whether they're an investigator or witness or other.  (The witness and investigator and other entities have related links to the Person entity, so for Investigator #342 you know who that is.) On this screen we're working on, as one of the datasources, we have the Case table, and have selected the 'Edit Query' link to filter the listing of cases

I have a list detail screen with the "Show Add-new Row" checked for the list. When a new row is added I'd like to fill out some of the detail with default values. How do I do this? I don't see anything in the "Write Code" menu when I select the  list query. The closest would be "FeeManagementQuery_Changed" but that doesn't seem right.  Scott Mitchell

Okay, I have tried to do this numerous times, i.e. select custom control and then click edit render code. Create the render method not renaming it.  I get the below error so, I change it back to a textbox and everything works fine and I go through the above again and get the same error.  What am I doing wrong?  CustomControl error: Name_render() method not found Thanks, -ja

Hi all, I have a LightSwitch desk top application that I wrote back in 2011 right after LightSwitch was available using VS2010 and the necessary extensions.  I am now in the process of trying to upgrade that application using Visual Studio 2013 Version 12.0.30501.00 Update 2.  The first thing that I do to make my life easier so that I am not re-inventing the wheel is connect to a copy of the original database.  This makes things a bit easier in that I now don't have to re-create my data entities.  However it appears that even though this is a copy I cannot edit the design. Are there any flags or properties that I can flip to make the entities editable? I need to change the database design. Thanks, -ja

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