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How-to: get the "Powered by Windows Azure" logo for your LightSwitch applications
Last Post 27 May 2011 12:44 PM by admin. 0 Replies.
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Michael WashingtonUser is Offline
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27 May 2011 12:44 PM
    A great new article by Alessandro Del Sole has just been published:

    Some time ago Microsoft launched the new Microsoft Platform Ready portal, where you can certify your applications based on a number of recent technologies from Microsoft, including Windows Azure.

    As you know, LightSwitch applications can be easily deployed to Windows Azure and in this scenario they use SQL Azure databases. The MPR program enables certifying applications relying on both technologies, so you can certify your LightSwitch applications running on the Cloud....
    Michael Washington
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    Create hook not firing on add
    10/8/2015 8:47 AM
    Created a simple entity and wanted to set default values. Added code to the created hook. But it's never called even after I have saved my add/edit window

    I having a problem coding an AddEdit Screen. When I use the Lightswitch existing method  to add an item the screen However I am trying to implement this using code from Michael Washingtons's book : myapp.ViewAssetRegister.AddAssetDepreciationAdjustments_Tap_execute = function (screen) { // Write code here. myapp.showAddEditAssetDepreciationAdjustments(null, { beforeShown: function (addEditScreen) { // Create new AssetDepreciationAdjustment here so that // discard will work. var newAssetDepreciationAdjustment = new myapp.AssetDepreciationAdjustments(); addEditScreen.AssetDepreciationAdjustments = newAssetDepreciationAdjustment; }, afterClosed: function (addEditScreen,navigationAction) { // If the user commits the change, // update the selected order on the Main screen if (navigationAction === msls.NavigateBackAction.commit) {

    Any insight into what could be causing this error: Request failed with status code '400' and status text 'Bad Request' This error is occurring in debug mode, not in a published application.  I was making minor updates to an app today, I don't believe I made any significant changes (a few new screens, etc.) and this suddenly started popping up.  I've been through about everything I can find on google and nothing helps. Here's the trace.axd when debugging: No. Time of Request File Status Code Verb  
    Okay on to the next phase of my project and I seem to always find interesting things to puzzle me. I built two tables in LS native (no funny stuff no legacy data) Then built a Common Screen Set and it create the three expect renditions of an Add, Browse, and View screen I wanted to test it out to see before I went further and made the Add screen home and fired it up. Interestingly enough this is what I got. By the way. The example I leave you here is every bit as functional as what was on my screen as well... The text boxes are completely greyed out and none functional.  So the Add screen is pretty much worthless.  What switch did I miss that I should have flipped? Regards, Ken... Ken Carter

    Hi friends, Just learning Lightswitch and am having a problem that I can't seem to fix. I have an HTML query screen that has many user selectable parameters that are used to filter the contents of a table that has thousands of rows. I need to display some aggregate information on the query results, so have had to turn paging off. This is obviously very slow - it takes several minutes for the screen and its data to load, and several minutes every time a query parameter is changed.   It seems like the best way to fix this would be to somehow disable auto refresh on the results table so that the user could load the screen, select the query parameters they wanted, and then click a "run query" button to display the results. I've tried setting the results table to isVisible = false, and isEnabled = false until the run query button is clicked, but that has no effect, the table still refreshes every time a parameter is changed. Any thoughts? Thanks so

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