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LS and SL: binding a LS entity (collection) to a SL custom control that is fully graphical (canvas)
Last Post 05 Jul 2013 08:24 PM by MTinet. 0 Replies.
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05 Jul 2013 08:24 PM
    Hello all!

    I have posted my issue on the MSDN forum but I am stuck on the binding issue.
    The post can be found here:

    I have searched the web and tried many solutions but I can't get it to work and it feels like I am going in circle with this.

    To briefly explain the issue:
    I have an entity table called "Computers" and the members are ID, Name, type, and IpAddress. In addition, each computer has a list of ids of computers connected to it.
    I represent the data in LS with a "List and Detail screen" but I need to have a graphical reprensentation of the data as a network of computers.

    I guess I need to create a SL custom control and so I need to bind the entity (Computers) to it or is there another way? Also it is important that I don't only get the Computers visible on the screen as I need ALL computers in the table to build the full network (I will need logic to scroll and draw the network based on user navigation events (scroll/Zoom).

    I have a lot of challenges ahead but the biggest one at the moment is getting the list of Computers accessible from the SL custom control (binding).
    I hope you guys could point me in the right direction and guide me through this.

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