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Accessing Server-level Name Spaces via WCF RIA Services
Last Post 14 Jun 2013 07:00 PM by Dedoone. 0 Replies.
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14 Jun 2013 07:00 PM

    Ok, I have decided to make the much needed leap into the Wonderful World of WCF RIA Services and how it can be leveraged to help “power-up” my lightswitch application.

    I love how you can get creative with multiple entities and output a custom aggregation. More so, I love how you can take calculated fields and make them queryable (is that word?) and sortable, with an added bonus of a performance gain.

    To add, I found this lovely Nuget Package, TheLightSwitchToolbox.RiaServices.Server, by Paul Vanbladel to help ease the pain in turning a class into a full internal Ria Service.

    However, what I have not yet found is an exampled means in which to access server-level name spaces (lets say System.Device.Location); being invoked client side, and returning a calculated value back to the client. I can certainly do this by accessing, at server level, the table inserted method through a proxy record, and then letting the client have its way with it before deleting the record. However, there must be a more elegant way in doing this via a WCF RIA Service.

    As I am still on the low end of the learning curve regarding WCF RIA Services, any helpful pointers would be most welcomed.

    With much thanks in advance,

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