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An Encrypted String Data Type for Visual Studio LightSwitch (Joe Kunk)
Last Post 01 Jul 2011 05:16 PM by admin. 0 Replies.
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01 Jul 2011 05:16 PM
    In my recent article, "Is Visual Studio LightSwitch the New Access?", I looked at the suitability of LightSwitch as a replacement tool for departmental applications developed in Microsoft Access. LightSwitch is being positioned as a tool for the power user to develop Microsoft .NET Framework applications without having to face the substantial learning curve of the full .NET technology stack. I described each of the six extension types available to add the functionality to LightSwitch that an experienced .NET developer might want to use to make development in LightSwitch easier, or that a designer may want to use to build a visually appealing application.

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    Michael Washington
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    I am trying to make a simple character counter for a Text Area control in VSLS 2015. I have it working in IE thanks to some other posts, but the behavior is different in Chrome. When getting the text string from the element in order to find the length, it returns null. I even try just getting the string value in the alert and it returns null. myapp.AddEditTSA_MET_ABSTRCT.ABSTRCT_postRender = function (element, contentItem) { // Write code here. $(element).bind('input propertychange', function () { var cntItmVal = $(element).text().length; //This line is the issue. using text() or val returns null in chrome alert($(element).text().toString()); //used to confirm what is being examined. var cntCharLft = 700 - cntItmVal; contentItem.screen.CommentLength = "Characters Left: " + cntCharLft; if (cntCharLft < 1) { $(element).css({ "text-color": "#FF0000" }); } else {

    Hello everyone, I'm getting crazy with this code behavior. I hope you can help me. I have a view screen in VSLS 2015 HTML client, and I added a method as follows: myapp.Viewtrackweb.trackweb_render = function (element, contentItem) {     var mapCanvas = "<div id='map-canvas' style='height:400px;width:400px;'></div>";     element.innerHTML = mapCanvas;     $('#map-canvas').ready(function () {         console.log("ready : " + new Date().toLocaleString());         var mapCanvas = document.getElementById('map-canvas');         var latitude = contentItem.value.Latitut;         var longitude = contentItem.value.Longitut;         var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(latitude, longitude);         console.log("latitut : " + latitude + " " + new

    I would like to add static text, such as a copyright, to the footer of each screen (floated left to keep away from any buttons).  If possible I would like to bake this into the msls templateStrings or somewhere so it is not necessary to call a function in the created method of every screen.  Does anyone have a slick way of doing this? Thanks.

    Hey, I'm building a LightSwitch 2013 HTML application. I have a tile-list on the screen named "my_tile_list". When the user tap on one of the tiles i can know on what he tapped by - screen.my_tile_list.selectedItem; My question is: I want to get the contentItem of the specific selectedItem. How do i get that? Thanks.

    hi everybody i was trying to figure out how to make the label text bold in lightswitch but coludnt. all i have did is change the value to bold in postrender method with this line  $(element).css("font-weight", "bold"); can you tell me how to make the label itself as bold. thank you 

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