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An Encrypted String Data Type for Visual Studio LightSwitch (Joe Kunk)
Last Post 01 Jul 2011 05:16 PM by admin. 0 Replies.
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01 Jul 2011 05:16 PM
    In my recent article, "Is Visual Studio LightSwitch the New Access?", I looked at the suitability of LightSwitch as a replacement tool for departmental applications developed in Microsoft Access. LightSwitch is being positioned as a tool for the power user to develop Microsoft .NET Framework applications without having to face the substantial learning curve of the full .NET technology stack. I described each of the six extension types available to add the functionality to LightSwitch that an experienced .NET developer might want to use to make development in LightSwitch easier, or that a designer may want to use to build a visually appealing application.

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    Michael Washington
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    Hi all, I've been trying to exclude a few records from a query-result by using the preprocess method of the query object. The scenario I'm trying to achieve: exclude all products already chosen in orderdetailrecords from a products-pulldownlist when adding a new record as orderdetail. I'm have come up with this code, query is called TestProduct, orderID is fixed for testingpurposes to 685 returning two products to be excluded from final result:         Private Sub TestProduct_PreprocessQuery(ByRef query As System.Linq.IQueryable(Of LightSwitchApplication.Product))             Dim myOrderDetails = Me.DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.OrderDetails.GetQuery().Execute()             Dim productsCurrent = From myOrderDetailsSelect In myOrderDetails Where myOrderDetailsSelect.Order.orderID = 685 Select myOrderDetailsSelect.Product             'Make productscurrent

    Hi I have been putting together a LS project for a large organisation (VS2013), currently we have circa 200 users on the silverlight client, its going well. During the development of the Silverlight client we mocked up a quick html client to as a proof of concept for those in the field which, for what is was worked fine. After reading through all the books to bring myself up to speed with moving to the HTML client I've run into a brick-wall from day one. When-ever I add new controls (text boxes, table views etc) or properties to an existing screen, the properties (when moved onto the page) become read-only and new tables etc are greyed out and wont list any data. Additionally if I try to create a new screen it simply wont load (no error message, nothing). Properties that already existed on the page continue to work fine. However if I delete, recreate and place these existing properties on the screen they become read-only. There is nothing I can seem to do to turn this

    I have made a small database for storing the presence of my volleyball team during training. Furthermore I used Lightswitch to insert the data. For the trainings I have a screen showing all the information (date, time, place, ...) and I can add a player to this training and the status, e.g. if she was there, or if her absence was without excuse or not. There is a data grid, where I can add a palyer, her status, ...  I use a auto complete box to choose the right player, then I set her training status a.s.o. But some of the players in the database are not active, so I don't want to see them in the box, when I choose the player. I have a property "active" for that. The question is, how can I achieve, that only the players with "active==TRUE" are shown in this box? Is it possible to filter that somehow. Thanks for your help, stephan mc stephan mc

    Create Generic Class
    6/23/2015 6:30 AM
    Hi, i've created a UserCode on SL Client named Albaran . I would like to call this class from a details screen, to make operations in database. With this class i call from many screens. In a details Screen i have a function with this code: Try                             Dim result = From contador In Me.DataWorkspace.GESTION.series                         Where contador.EMPRESA = empresa And contador.SERIE = serie And contador.TIPODOC = tipodocumento                         Select contador                             albaranencurso = result.Single().CONTADOR                             siguientealbaran = result.Single().CONTADOR      

    How to pick up the current entity in a View Screen and use that entity in a AddEdit Screen? 

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