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An Encrypted String Data Type for Visual Studio LightSwitch (Joe Kunk)
Last Post 01 Jul 2011 05:16 PM by admin. 0 Replies.
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01 Jul 2011 05:16 PM
    In my recent article, "Is Visual Studio LightSwitch the New Access?", I looked at the suitability of LightSwitch as a replacement tool for departmental applications developed in Microsoft Access. LightSwitch is being positioned as a tool for the power user to develop Microsoft .NET Framework applications without having to face the substantial learning curve of the full .NET technology stack. I described each of the six extension types available to add the functionality to LightSwitch that an experienced .NET developer might want to use to make development in LightSwitch easier, or that a designer may want to use to build a visually appealing application.

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    Michael Washington
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    hi, there is the command for changing the screen like myapp.showScreenName but how does it work for changing to a other register within the same screen, i tried with myapp.showScreenName.[?REGISTERNAME?]??? etc. but nothing works so fare. who knows how to? thanks marcel

    Hello, How do I set-up a JS Method to use a selected value in a Brows screen "A" and use this value in a other Brows screen "B" in a Parameter/Field to filter the List and output? I tried with the following basic code with additions... myapp.AddEditProduct.Copy_execute = function (screen) { myapp.showAddEditProduct(null, { beforeShown: function (addNewScreen) { var copied_item = screen.Product; var new_item = new myapp.Product(); new_item.Parameter = copied_item.SelVal; // Set Product addNewScreen.Product = new_item; } }); }; many thanks for your help marcel

    Hi, I'm new with Lightswitch HTML client. I have followed all what Beth Massi showed on the video. In my case once I tap a certain employee i will compute for his/her salary.  EX.      Number of days * rate/day = Salary number of days and rate/day are given from Table_Emp How can I do it in Lightswitch HTML client 

    Query based on multiple tables
    6/15/2016 1:20 AM
    I have created a simple Lightswitch HTML application with two tables, Members and Payments. The Member table has the details of the member (firstname, lastname, address, etc) and the Payments table has a list of payments (date paid, amount, invoiceNo). The Payments have a Many-to-One relationship to the Member on the MemberID. The Member table also has a Boolean for LifeMember. I want to create a query that displays members that are either a LifeMember or have a payment within the last financial year. (ie 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016)

     Hi All, I can't able create the LightSwitch HTML Client Application in visual Studio 2012. I have installed the visual studio SDK from the below link but also i didn't get the LightSwitch HTML Application template in my VS2012.

    Visual Studio SDK 2012 Please find the my visual studio details in the below screen shot.   Please help me to resolve this issue, Thanks, Gobala gobalakrishnan S


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