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LS not refresh related data after add new tables
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05 Apr 2013 11:45 AM
Dynamic Run time Choice List
Not Resolved
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04 Apr 2013 11:46 PM
Using Oracle External Data Source
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by  ClayJump to last post
01 Apr 2013 01:10 PM
Format Pattern not working?
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01 Apr 2013 07:58 AM
Geocoding with Lightswitch
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28 Mar 2013 11:12 PM
Set Default Values on Fields within a Screen
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27 Mar 2013 09:56 AM
Lightswitch HTML Navigate from variables on the URL bar
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22 Mar 2013 05:41 AM
Video Player
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by  Mash_2kJump to last post
21 Mar 2013 09:19 AM
Enity Set convert to generic funtion
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19 Mar 2013 10:10 AM
uploading Error need help with bug
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17 Mar 2013 10:02 AM
Getting Original Entity Values in LS HTML New...
Jack Stephenson
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15 Mar 2013 12:17 PM
PDF integration?
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15 Mar 2013 04:17 AM
Custom Lightswitch HTML Table Control
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by  skehoe1989Jump to last post
14 Mar 2013 11:52 AM
Data Validation and SQL query
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14 Mar 2013 01:30 AM
Use Cases for multiple instances of 2-tier app sharing the same database?
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13 Mar 2013 08:13 AM
Why fields are Read-Only?
Not Resolved
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by  Michael WashingtonJump to last post
12 Mar 2013 09:03 PM
Use Cases for multiple instances of 2-tier app sharing the same database?
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12 Mar 2013 07:04 PM
Selecting and Inserting Data Dynamically
Not Resolved
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by  bsmithJump to last post
12 Mar 2013 02:11 PM
Lightswitch HTML5 Delete Button not available
Jack Stephenson
Not Resolved
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by  Jack StephensonJump to last post
11 Mar 2013 10:14 AM
missing Chart-control
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by  Michael WashingtonJump to last post
10 Mar 2013 09:12 AM
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Latest Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Forum Threads That Have Answers

I have been doing a lot of reading about LS users, roles, permissions, authentication and authorization. My simple question is: Can we not use Windows authentication only? I would simply like to set up a table of users that can access the LS HTML application if their Windows credentials are present in the Users table. So far I have: Added a Desktop Client to my solution and named it 'Administration'.Set Access Control to 'Allow only users and AD groups specified in the Users screen...'Granted access for DebugStarted the application which brings me to the Administration pageBrowsed to 'Users' under AdministrationAdded a user, which is my user account in ADAdministration page found my user account and added it to the Users table as domainname\useraccountIt also pulled my Full Name, so I know the AD account was foundPublished the project Now, when I try to browse to my HTML client in a browser, it asks for credentials. However, using my AD account credentials does not work. No

Checkboxes Group Validation
2/9/2016 2:39 AM
Good Day, Need help with the following scenario. in my solutions customers are required to present some paper work, and for each paper work presented a check box is ticked  & database is updated. on entering paper work screen i should have a simple label or so that indicated all paper work is present "all check boxes are checked" as shown in the attached image. am still experimenting with light switch and this part is tricky for me, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, I'm building a LightSwitch 2013 HTML application. when i'm adding an html element to the DOM after timeout, it doesn't get all lightswitch classes that should be added if there wasn't a timout. For example: settimeout(function( $ul = $("<ul></ul>"); $ul.attr("data-role", "listview"); $ul.attr("data-filter", "true"); $(element).append($ul); ),100); The ul will not get all the classes that lightswitch would give if there was no timeout. Any ideas? Thanks.

I have yet to get Lightswitch 2015 to work in Visual Studio 2015, either community or enterprise. I continue to get an error that the lsxtproj type is not supported when I try to create a new project??  Any suggestions?? mike mike d

I am in a SQL queries class and I am thinking about how all of the parts of LightSwitch work. I like that we are doing all of these queries in code using SQL Management Studion and setting up exports to excel so I see how to manually edit them. I was wondering how to add them to a client solution manually. We Use queries in LightSwitch to create screens and filters and have buttons that export to excel. As well I use as excels ability to use Power Pivot to directly load data from a database based on what the pivot table does. Can view the queries in code if I dig into the text files built using the Visual Studio IDE and the GUI provided by LightSwitch. I need to learn how to manually place these lines of code within classes in a project solution so I can start work on making the same queries embedded in WPF. LightSwitch embeds them in solution parts for Silverlight I assume. I guess I just want to learn the basics of how to embed SQL statements and

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