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Lightswitch seeing my WCF\RIA Code First Entity.
Mike Pisano
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by  Mike PisanoJump to last post
16 May 2013 12:03 PM
How to export the structure of a table
Humberto Reis
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by  ClintonGallagherJump to last post
11 May 2013 04:05 PM
Modal Window Picker
Andy Drury
Not Resolved
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10 May 2013 12:19 AM
What is the reason lightswich adds and removed the S character pulled from a database. Is there a way to turn it off
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07 May 2013 01:28 AM
LS Update does not save rows when screen based on view
Peter Trefren
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by  Peter TrefrenJump to last post
06 May 2013 12:09 PM
Joins in lightswitch
6 2489
by  Richard WaddellJump to last post
02 May 2013 04:42 AM
can I open a specific LS page via a URL parameter ?
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by  CoastalDataJump to last post
25 Apr 2013 11:18 AM
Filtering a field using first letter
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24 Apr 2013 09:38 AM
Conditionally Display Tab
Jack Stephenson
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by  Andy DruryJump to last post
24 Apr 2013 04:21 AM
SQL Server 2012 R2 Express & Lightswitch
Not Resolved
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23 Apr 2013 01:55 PM
Own UserControl with Image, Binding issue
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by  Michael WashingtonJump to last post
23 Apr 2013 09:31 AM
Create new record - Dynamic data
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22 Apr 2013 01:15 AM
How to Deploy Light Switch application to Windows Mobile?
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16 Apr 2013 11:55 PM
What is the default Username and Password for LightSwitch HTML client login
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16 Apr 2013 11:45 PM
n00b : Lightswitch / Azure & Security.
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by  ClintonGallagherJump to last post
14 Apr 2013 09:31 AM
How to set platform toolset?
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by  pishpeckiJump to last post
13 Apr 2013 05:01 AM
Errors with Forms Authentication in HTML client
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11 Apr 2013 09:02 PM
Extension business type
Humberto Reis
Not Resolved
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09 Apr 2013 05:51 PM
Silverlight Developer Runtime
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by  bwJump to last post
08 Apr 2013 10:09 AM
How to loop through all tables
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05 Apr 2013 10:55 AM
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Latest Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Forum Threads That Have Answers

Okay on to the next phase of my project and I seem to always find interesting things to puzzle me. I built two tables in LS native (no funny stuff no legacy data) Then built a Common Screen Set and it create the three expect renditions of an Add, Browse, and View screen I wanted to test it out to see before I went further and made the Add screen home and fired it up. Interestingly enough this is what I got. By the way. The example I leave you here is every bit as functional as what was on my screen as well... The text boxes are completely greyed out and none functional.  So the Add screen is pretty much worthless.  What switch did I miss that I should have flipped? Regards, Ken... Ken Carter

Hi friends, Just learning Lightswitch and am having a problem that I can't seem to fix. I have an HTML query screen that has many user selectable parameters that are used to filter the contents of a table that has thousands of rows. I need to display some aggregate information on the query results, so have had to turn paging off. This is obviously very slow - it takes several minutes for the screen and its data to load, and several minutes every time a query parameter is changed.   It seems like the best way to fix this would be to somehow disable auto refresh on the results table so that the user could load the screen, select the query parameters they wanted, and then click a "run query" button to display the results. I've tried setting the results table to isVisible = false, and isEnabled = false until the run query button is clicked, but that has no effect, the table still refreshes every time a parameter is changed. Any thoughts? Thanks so

Hello,  I am getting a javascript error when I attempt to add a record to the database: Unable to get value of the property 'entityState': object is null or undefined I followed this guide to add a record to a table: Dynamically add a record.  I have a table that contains foreign keys to 2 other tables. The table I am trying to add to is called "GroupSubGroupPair".  It contains a key "Id" field, the standard LS fields (Created, CreatedBy, RowVersion), a foreign key called "GroupSubGroupPair_Group" to the Group table, and a foreign key called "GroupSubGroupPair_SubGroup" to the SubGroup table.   In the Group table there is a record with Id = 7 In the SubGroup table there is a record with Id = 67 I have a button that has execute code with the following:  myapp.AddEditSubGroupChildGroups.submitSubGroup_execute = function (screen) { var newGroupSubGroupPair = new

Morning everyone! Coming along here I am trying to figure out how to do something that I believe is possible but because I'm new to working with LightSwitch I'm just not sure about how to go about it.  If I can accomplish it this would make things so much simpler for my project. Let me give simplified example that I can easily translate to the actual project to keep things in perspective. I have these field elements in the table I'm dealing with IDIndex, IDFamily, IDMember, IDDoument, & Content.  Now there are other fields involved but they get pulled along with this process as a result of these 4 key elements, so if we know what happens to these we know what happens to the rest. Explanation of the nomenclature of these are as follows: IDIndex is as you might guess an identity field auto indexed.  Simple straight forward. Just there to keep order. IDFamily is a short abbreviated representation of a family classification to which members are

In the HTML client, if you have an Add/Edit screen with "Show as Dialog" disabled, and you open that screen to add a new entity, two issues happen if you then refresh the page: 1. There is no entity bound to the screen, e.g. if this is an Add/Edit Person screen, screen.Person is undefined. 2. If you fill out the form and click the save button, it will save the entity, but it doesn't navigate back to the browse screen; it just stays on the Add/Edit screen with no indication that the save happened. I found a workaround for the first issue: in the screen's created event, I can just create a new entity if it doesn't already exist, e.g.: myapp.AddEditPerson.created = function (screen) { //in case the screen is refreshed if (!screen.Person) { screen.Person = new myapp.Person(); } } However, I am not sure what to do about the second issue. Does anyone have a workaround?

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